Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 Recap

Salam all!
How are you guys doing?It's not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year 2015!
Wow,can't believe that time flies so fast.

Some recaps of my 2014 month by month.

We went for Italy trip(several places) and I was in my early stage carrying my little one inside me

London trip.It was my first time there.

Netherlands trip

Hubby's birthday.We celebrated just the two of us

Germany won the world cup.The win feels so close to me considering I am married to a German and living here
My mom and sister came over to accompany me welcoming our first newborn 

Our precious one was born into the world and our lives completely changed :)
We were showered with love each day

Flew back to Malaysia for 7 awesome weeks and it was Alayna's first long-haul flight,Malaysia was also the first foreign country she went to at 7 weeks old!

My birthday celebrated with my beloved family and husband
Cuti-cuti Malaysia
Cuti-cuti Singapore
Marked my one year living in Germany

Was back in Germany again

Paris trip
Visited some cities in Germany(Munich,Hannover and Hamburg)

So overall,my 2014 concentrated on travels and in the process of my first pregnancy.
It was indeed a very joyful year for me and the rest of our family,except the fact that I,like other fellow Malaysians mourned the lose of MH370 and the ill-fated MH17 and towards the end of 2014,we lost another plane in an air crash,although it was not directly related to our nation.

Not to forget the massive flood that is happening nowadays in Malaysia,and the fact that my family lives in the East Coast,although they were not directly affected by it,but they were affected in another way.

I hope 2015 will continue to bring us joy and happiness and I hope that we will grow stronger in solving any obstacles coming in our way.

Till then people.

Have a blessed 2015!


  1. Aunty baru follow your it very much. suka baca experience hidayah living abroad.. Semoga yang terbaik untuk kita semua di masa masa hadapan.

  2. Thank you for your gifts :) The previous year must be really really happy year for you !!! I also wish your happiness in 2015 )


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