Thursday, 5 November 2015

Travel : Lucerne & Lake Lungern,Switzerland

Last 2 weekends we went for a shot trip to some parts in Switzerland.Actually,I have been wanting to come to Interlaken and its nearby area long time ago,but always waited for the right time and season to enjoy Swiss beauty to its fullest.

After checking the weather forecast few days prior to our departure,we decided to hit the road again and head to several places in Swiss starting from Lucerne to Interlaken and to Lauterbrunnen.

Our first stop was Lucerne.It is a part of german-speaking region,well to be precised Swiss german region and popular as a tourist spot.

It was a lovely day,however,it was a bit foggy that we could not see the Mount Pilatus from the city center clearly.

After walking for some time in the city center and towards the lake,we left Lucerne for next destination.

Kapellbrücke/Chapelle bridge,Lucern's iconic mark

More than 50 % of the bridge was burned in 1993 including the paintings on the wall of the bridge

The Lion Monument to commemorate a war happened in old time

Lake Lucerne.Famous tourist destination and the visitors can take a boat trip touring the lake to several stops.As we were on another plan going to Interlaken,we had no time for such :(

Lake Lucerne

Mount Pilatus as seen from the lake but it was quite bright sunny and a bit foggy that day


After Lucerne,we continued our journey in the direction of Interlaken.The view along the way was simply beautiful,I couldn't help but taking a lot of pictures.And what more with the highway speed limits of between 60-120 kms giving me more chance to just simply enjoy the scenery while snapping as many pictures as I wanted.

And on the way,we came across this one beautiful lake just next to the highway,or I'd rather call federal road because believe it or not,in Swiss people here refer the one-lane road as highway :P
From reading on the signboard,this lake is called Lake Lungern/Lungernersee. Such a serene place I would say.

Mirror ring lake with emerald green colored water

Overlooking the Alps from Lake Lungern

Till then people.We'll be heading tomorrow to ITALIA for the second time for me!Can't wait,it's one of favourite contries to visit.


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