Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Travel : Barcelona Last Part

The reason why I am silent from blogging these days is due the fact that some unintended and unnecessary things coming our ways.

Well,as happy as some things happened and is happening in my life that I wrote here,there were not all bright and sunny days.Let's say,shit happens.Well,I just hope that after this rainy season comes out the rainbow.Fingers crossed!

Well,this is the last part of my Barcelona trip and soon come my updates to Swiss 2 weeks ago.I have to speed up because the next trip is coming this weekend.Woohoo!Let's say,this trip is so much needed to give me a state of mind from all these chaos :P
Haha excuse.

So,on the last day,the first thing we did in the morning was heading to Sagrada Familia once again because our ticket reservations took place as first entrance in early morning.The reason why the visitors are allowed to enter only based on timing reservation is similar to the rules of Park Güell.

It was a sunny and bright day in fact.

We stopped at Costa for a quick breakfast just opposite to Sagrada Familia

Once Sagrada Familia was opened,we didn't need to queue and were accessed with the quick entrance.I would like to recommend to people who want to buy the entrance tickets into Sagrada Familia to buy them online,in order to avoid long queue and time waste.

The design inside the very Sagrada Familia,is just magnificient.But be noted that if you are short,like me(164cm) :P ,you might need to strengthen your neck muscles to look up most of the time :P and this might give you some muscle pain afterwards :P

This is from the back entrance,and this part was constructed much later than the front entrance,thus you can see the color of the material used here is still whiter than that used for the front entrance.

As what I read,the ceiling depicts how it looks like in jungle.Gaudi liked to put the element of nature in his architecture

In modern world,the discrete craftsmanship from Gaudi's ideas are too time-consuming and complex.Thus,the modern technology takes place in creating the crafts as done by the modeling machines,mostly.Sagrada Familia is planned to be finished by 2026,also in commemoration of 100th year since Gaudi deceased.

After Sagrada Familia,we decided to walk back to the hotel to get our luggage.On the way we stopped at a playground to allow Alayna to have her time all to herself.Well,some people might see us ad bad parents for always bringing our daughter on tours since she was barely 2 months old.Our policy is,wherever we go or travel to,we will never leave our kid(s) with our parents because we want them to experience many things possible in their lives,one way is by traveling.

She didn't care much about Barcelona or other places she's been to,she'd rather pay attention to this small happy place:P

After picking up our stuff at the hotel,we walked some more towards the direction of Passage de Gracia(the shopping road) because I wanted to shop/window shop on our last day in Barcelona.I wanted to get myself some autumn jacket as Barcelona is the home of my 2 favourite brands,Zara and Mango!
Well,price wise,Zara and Mango here are almost similar to the ones back home,but what makes it interesting is the choices here are a lot more,and also many items are on sale because of the off-season.Managed to grab an autumn jacket,a small pouch and spent some money at Zara Home.Oh,my,they have I think the biggest Zara Home I've ever seen.

Casa Mila,also by Gaudi at Passage de Gracia

From the rooftop of Casa Mila

And then we walked some more towards the direction of Place de Catalunya again before we turning right towards La Rambla because I wanted to have another round of Paella for the last time in Barcelona and because I wanted to visit La Boqueria again.We came across one halal Spanish cafe serving Paella not far from La Boqueria,and again I had a big plate of Paella all to myself :P
Was very satisfied as both times I ate Paella while in Barcelona turned out to be decent!
And then we walked some more in the nearby neighbourhood before departed to the airport to catch our flight back to Stuttgart later that night.

Seafood Paella

The neighbourhood

Our plane was loading people inside.We flew with Germanwings

Adios Barcelona!

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