Saturday, 14 November 2015

Travel : Mürren & Gimmelwald,Swiss

Hi guys,
So,what we did the next day in Swiss?Our guesthouse is in the middle of two famous tourism spots which one is Interlaken and another one is Lauterbrunnen.

So,that morning we planned to head to Lauterbrunnen and the interesting places nearby.We had no specific plans actually,just saw what we might see or do on the way.So the first place we stopped that day was at Trummelbachfälle,a few series of waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen Valley.Upon arrival,we were informed that kids under 4 years are not allowed to enter the waterfall area :(
So,what can we do but to oblige the rule.

So then,we drove some more in the direction of Jungfrau.On the way we came across a place with a few paragliders and many cars that caught our eyes.It's actually the foothills/cable car site to the top of several peaks including Gimmelwald,Mürren,Bergbahn and the highest in the region Schilthorn,also known as Pitz Gloria,a famous place of one of the 007 series back in 1963.

However,we just took the cable car to Mürren top as the price tickets are still reliable to our budget and time haha.

Oh,yes,if you're wondering,everything here is freaking expensive.Afterall,it's Swiss we're talking about :P.But well,it's one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it attracts many tourists all over the world to come and enjoy its nature.

On the way from our hotel passing by Lauterbrunnen before we stopped at Stechelberg

Arriving at the Stechelberg foothills that is also famous amongst paragliders and wingsuit flyers

One of the many waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen Valley
Arriving on top of Mürren village and were greeted with this view of Jungfrau peak and several others.

Looking down the valley from the Mürren Village

This place is apparently famous for skiing in Winter and hiking in Summer.But since now is off-season,many restaurants,cafes and guesthouses are closed till winter comes.

Mürren Train station

The water from the Alps

In the cable car on the way to Gimmelwald at 1300++ m above the sea level.

Gimmelwald Village,also another half-dead village during this off-season

From Gimmelwald the view of Alps are nicer compared to in Mürren

Various sizes and designs of cow bells

Love from Gimmelwald

Going down the hill in the cable car

The crystal clear water on the foothills

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