Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day 11 : Zurich and Rheinfall,Switzerland

Hello everyone,
Good news is,I still have some more places in my recent travel diaries,so some more pictures for you to see,and bad news is ;-

I have to update it :P
Which I realized when will this travel diaries be finished?Well,soon because I have covered almost 80% of places I visited that I wrote in this blog.

After Bodensee/Lake Constance,we headed to Zurich,the biggest city in Switzerland,that also is not that far from the border of Germany-Switzerland.

People say you don't know much about a country unless you visit it.Well,that's true.At first I thought Zurich was the capital city of Switzerland,but turned out I was wrong,Bern is,but Zurich still is the biggest city in Switzerland.

I also learned that Swiss people speak German(some regions),because all this while,I thought they only speak French and "Swiss".

After Zurich,we headed to Ramon's hometown,where he was born and went to school at,and on the way we stopped by at Rheinfall(waterfall) just few miles before the German-Swiss Border.

So,again,enjoy the pictures ;-)


Plaid Shirt:H&M/Skirt:H&M/Gladiator:Charles&Keith/Bag:Vintage/Bracelet:H&M

1.A Lake in Zurich overlooking Alpes 2.Swans 3.Swans swimming 4.Swans at the jetty 5.Jetty 6.My Ramon wearing Twin Towers shirt 7.Yachts 8.Yachts again 9. Yachts and old buildings 10.A bridge in Zurich 11.Bridge again 12-13.Me at Rheinfall 14.Rheinfall 15.Many flags in Zurich


  1. Hi hidaya, love your blog! And your photos of the places you go to are so beautiful. I adore your style! Keep in touch! x


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