Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Floral Island,Insel Mainau,Bodensee

Happy weekend,peeps !

How is your weekend so far going?Mine is great and this time it will be better if I try to finish these travel diaries of mine ;-)

Before I hit the gym after this,so here are some more pictures of my next destination on the 10th day in Lake Constance.

It's a floral Island belongs to Swedish Royal family in Insel Mainau.It's heavenly a small island full of flowers blooming everywhere especially many kinds of roses as it was also spring time when we went there.

I went crazy seeing those flowers everywhere and took chance everytime by smelling the flowers and one of my favourite flowers is English roses.

And yes I dragged Ramon to smell them too ;-)

My little flower boy.

So,enjoy the pictures everyone,


Cardigan:H&M/Assymetrical Long Top:H&M/Belt:H&M/Pants:Padini/Bracelet:H&M/Scarf:Bought in Paris/Gladiator:Charles&Keith/Bag:Vintage

1.English roses,smell gooood 2.Ramon with a bunch of roses 4-6.Roses 7.Roses and Ramon 8.Some flowers which name I couldn't catch 9.Yellow flowers 10.A strange yet beautiful flower 11.Purple flowers 12.Ramon and purple flowers 13.English roses,another kind 14.Lavenders!!!! 15.A small castle 16.A bee searching for nectar 17.On the bridge that connect mainland and the floral island.

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  1. wow, sgt cantik semua gmbr2 diatas..
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