Tuesday, 19 July 2011

There're million stars in the sky,but only one shining brightly...

Hello lovely readers,
Hhappy Sunday morning everyone,and what did you have for breakfast today?Yesterday,I went to a wedding of a friend,and instead of wearing the same traditional malay baju kurung,I decided to keep my feminism by dressing in maxi dress.I think in this century,we have options not to keep dressing in traditional costume anymore when it comes to a wedding.

Maxi dress is a good revolution!
Eventhough many of us know that yesterday was not as pleasant as any other day in Malaysia,to see our political situation going chaotic at one point,and as absurd as it may sound,I still cannot figure out why this sentiment of speaking out a citizen opinion should be criticized by our leaders.I myself am not really into politics that much,but at some point,I also have my own point of view and whatmore,when I think as a legal citizen who was born in this beautiful country should at least have equal level of feeedom as any other superior leaders who are leading our nation.

Just my 2 cents.

So,again enjoy your weekend and keep coming back for more.



Cardigan:H&M/Maxi dress:H&M/Bracelet:Vintage/Bag:H&M/Wedges:Vincci

*Pictures credits to Sabrina*

P/s:Please remind me that i still have some left of my travel diaries I need to write here,so stay tuned!


  1. so sweet dear..
    i love your wedges..:)

  2. ur wedges!!! really <3 it, dear hidaya.. :D

  3. Thanks girl.I like the wedges too,comfortable yet stylish!

  4. Loving the wedges! Btw, followed you blog! x


  5. beautiful dress! :) love ur blog! think I'll follow !

  6. Thanks a lot Fatima.I also followed your already


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