Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 12th : Schwaebisch Hall

Hi all,
I am back with my travel story again,so here it is.
When was I last time?I think it was 11th day,so on the next day,we drove to Ramon's hometown,meeting his parents,staying there for 2 nights and also visiting the nearby town where he went to school in,called Schwaebisch Hall.

His parents cooked us very good food like pizza,and also my favourite strawberry short cake!It was strawberry season when I was visiting them,so the strawberries were straight from their garden!It was such a blast!

When I was there,I couldn't get more eager to see Ramon's pictures from childhood,and oh man,this family keeps every single memory of their 4 kids,and not to forget,Ramon's scanned image when his mom was carrying him around for 9 months were also kept very properly!

I was so surprised to see how that little bean now grew up and now is a proud man of mine ;-)

I was also surprised to see how they keep old games since they were young and Ramon showed me one of his toys from young days,maybe around 1 year old.How lovely is that.

Ok,I know that he reads this,so before he can't get off of cloud nine,I'd better stop :P

Enjoy some pictures of this small city where my sweetheart is from ;-)


P/s:If you are guys are wondering,Ramon and I were born in the same year,so yes we both are 1985 babies!

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