Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Hello all lovely readers,
As I promised,a post about KL!
Last week we visited many interesting places in KL,which most of them were revisited,and I decided to take some shots of KL and its area.Although I don't own many nice pictures(Ramon took like hundreds of interesting pictures,though),and that I used wrong lens for landscape pictures,but I still hope you will enjoy seeing the pictures.

And if you realize,since few weeks ago I was not being able to do posts,or blog-hopping,or commenting more seriously due to my sickness.But,I am so glad to announce that I have gotten better and better everyday ;-)

Which also means,more posts and blog-hopping and commenting more seriously.Anyway,I really appreciate for all nice thoughts from friends out there.


1.Government Building,Putrajaya 2.Central market,one stop center for any kinds of souvenirs 3.Jln Bukit Bintang,heart of KL 4.Suria KLCC 5-6.KTM,the oldest train station in KL 7.National Mosque 8-9.Sultan Abdul Samad Buildings,Merdeka Square,the place of Malaysia's independence declaration 10-11.Batu Caves


  1. wow such wonderful pictures! hope that I can visit KL also someday ! ^.^

  2. just wantet to tell u that I changed my Link of my blog

  3. Thanks all for the comments.

    @Fatima:I checked your new link but seems it doesn't work ;(

    And sure,you should come to Malaysia one day!

  4. good combination :)) especially first one


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