Thursday, 13 October 2011

"Special" Guest

Hello all,
How are you doing?There is one reason to explain my absence in this week,which I am not really in my pink of health.
Even by the time I am typing this,I still have my cough and sore throat although fever was already gone.I hope this is the last episode of my sickness since few weeks back because to tell you the truth,sickness really sucks!

Plus,I am having a "special" guest with me here for the rest of the week (remember this post?),so I was really hoping that I can present myself in the best condition possible,but I can't say no to what God has planned for me.I believe He always has the best decision for all of us ;-)

So,yes,my bf ,Ramon is here for work purpose for the whole week,so we spent some quality time out and about in the city and today we went to KLCC,had some nice dinner and watched some movie there.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures because as you can see,it's already dark when we arrived there,plus we both are not really good at night photography.So we went inside the building and took few shots of me eventhough I was acting like a shy bird.You know,when there are many people,I'm just not that comfortable for my pictures to be taken of :P

Promise you more photos to come ;-)

Cardigan:Vintage/Top:Bought in Korea/Pants:Padini/Shoes:Vincci/Necklace:F21/Bag:Vintage
*Picture Credits to Ramon*

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