Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Of My Little Note

Hello friends,I am facing with a health issue lately,of which I was always having flu,fever,and bad cough since few weeks ago constantly.In fact,today I had to be on medical leave because my cough won't stop and my fever comes again,but when I am typing this,I already feel better,although not fully recovered.

Nothing much on fashion or outfit look today,just want to share a song that has captured my heart and all my other tracks had been stopped by this beautiful song by Adele "Someone Like you".

I think I have passed more than 500 times on hitting this song since Monday and I just couldn't stop from listening.

I actually made an audio cover of this song by myself but too shy to upload it here :P . And having said that,I actually adore music very much and enjoy singing,mostly covering of my favourite music because I just don't have idea how to compose a song on my own.Well,let it only be my personal record.

I also would like to express my warmest condolence as we know that Steve Jobs had passed away a couple of days ago as I extremely feel his lose.

Not too much to say that he literally had helped me a lot all through college since I was a big fan of Macintosh laptop,I had one since 2005,few ipods as my best friends to accompany me during my university time,and latest,my favourite iphone 4.There might be someone who can replace him as a new CEO of Apple,but I somehow believe no one can really replace his great ideas of digi-tech inventions.He was truly a great inventor that will always be remembered of.


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