Saturday, 22 October 2011


It feels like long time ago since I posted my outfit look.See,when my photographers are not around,my blog wouldn't be updated that much too.Sabrina is busy with work,Ramon is back in Germany(in fact he is now travelling to Vienna) and Farahin who is still at my parents' house,no one I can rely on to get my pictures taken ;-(

Which is why I feel that I need to update this blog today.
Today started with a nice weather,I headed to KL to attend a wedding in Jalan Ampang,and afterwards we went for some coffee and cake as yesterday was Sabrina's birthday and later today we went to a park nearby and it started to rain when we just merely arrived!

Even when the pictures were taken,the raindrops were still subtly seen as in the pictures,but my motto is : never work a thing halfway!

Thanks to sweetheart for the maxi dress as a gift,I do appreciate it very much ;-)

Maxi dress:H&M/Cardigan:Thepoplook/Bracelet:F21/Bag:Guess(very old)/Sandals:Summit
*Picture credits to Sabrina*

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