Wednesday, 19 October 2011

People behind "Sweet Scent"

Hello all,
Today I'd like to dedicate this post to few people behind the camera.As you can imagine,I couldn't get my pictures taken only by my tripod,because most of the time,the tripod won't work especially when I use a prime lens(a lens without zooming capability).

So,these people have worked hard to make Sweet Scent a reality.In fact,there is another person who has worked hard to get my pictures taken,mostly at the beginning of this blog,which is my other sister,Atiqah,but after June she moved her campus from PJ to Kuantan,hence explains why she no more one of my great photographers.

Sabrina is my best friend since high-school,and she now becomes my primal photographer every now and then,and when I get to meet my bf,I asked him to take my pictures with his great lens,and another one is my other sister,Farahin.Now that she will move to KL quite soon (and will start working in KL's most exclusive place in my opinion which is KLCC),I hope she will contribute more to this blog.

Without these people,Sweet Scent will never exist.In fact,before I started up this blog,I make sure there are people around me who could contribute a little of their time for this thing to happen.

Thanks a big time to every each of you,my beautiful people!

1.Sabrina 2.Ramon 3.Farahin

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