Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Flower headband

On the third day,we went to Lake Gardens,and spent some time there relaxing while I was doing my DIY project.I got inspired to do this flower headband after reading Garypepper and Sghijabgirl blogs,and a week before that I bought some plastic flowers and wires and started this DIY project at Lake Gardens.

Trust me,it's not easy at all,you need a lot of time,but I just had to finish doing one in 30 minutes or so because Ramon looked a bit bored beside me,haha!

But,the result was very lovely,although I could have spent some more time and put more flowers and leaves around the circle,but I can do that later too.

Would you like to try DIYing your own flower headband?

On another story,we went to Shah Alam for dinner at Hj Samuri Sate,Ramon's favourite Malaysian food,and did I mention that he is one crazy guy?Like super crazy? :P
No,I don't mean it as "crazy" crazy,but crazy as he loves doing all sort of things that people normally won't do,like crossing the highway!!

When he does that and I am being around him,I have to do so too!! :P
It was crazy,we crossed one highway to go to this good spot to snap pictures of Blue Mosque of Shah Alam.,or least I think it was a highway,or maybe just a very busy and congested road.


Luckily,we both didn't get caught

Other crazy things he made me do?Like riding roller-coaster!!
DIY project!!
How beautiful this "kolam" is?(I think it is called kolam,is it not?)-KLCC-
Mid Valley
The shot of Blue Mosque,Shah Alam from the bridge of the highway

Maxi dress:Thepoplook(Last seen here)
Cardigan:Mango(Last seen here)
Sandals:F21(Last seen here)
Bracelets:Random and F21

P/s:And here is the lucky winner of my second give-away

Asyik from Malaysia

Congratulations Asyik!!Will email you later,ok?


  1. wow..bestnya..likeeeeee...
    thanks Hidaya..:)

  2. wahh! kak asyik menang!! TAHNIAH akak ^_^
    takde rezeki pika :(



  3. Mashallah! you look pretty in pink..:)


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