Friday, 23 November 2012

In Trend : Peplum

Everyone is talking about peplum these days.I admit that I am in love with it too.Here in Malaysia,I found many peplums sold everywhere,but truth to be told,either the quality is quite bad for a pricey price,or the peplum itself is not that nice.

I found this peplum on H&M website,and heard all over places H&M Malaysia ran out of stock of this cute affordable piece,so I asked my bf to get me one from Germany :P

And,I love it to the bits!Thank you sayang

I wore this peplum with kurung mermaid bottom to a friend's wedding and tell me what you think!
Peplum Blouse:H&M(New)
Mermaid bottom:My baju kurung bottom(Last seen here)
Half-moon scarf:Bought from a friend(Last seen here)
Bag:Fahrenheit88(Last seen here)


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