Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hot Bright P!nk

I guess once per month,you'll get to see me wearing color-block.Although in this outfit I didn't plan whatsoever to colorblock again,but,my bright pink blazer and my green bag are so overwhelming that it was so obvious they created a color block scene.

I don't know what got into me lately,but I think I start to love hot bright pink again!Yes,again.In my early 20's,I was a big fan of everything pink.I would wear anything pink from head to toe,my phone casing was pink,my stockings were pink,and yes,my shoes were also pink.

But after some time,I realized,I was not all about pink.In today's case is a lil bit different,though.Let's say,technically I wear something bright to boost a good mood in me,and to make myself feel young again :P
I'm not that old,but believe it or not,colors can boost your mood and make you look younger.At least,that's what I think according to my own opinion.

And,what's your opinion about this?
Top:F-block(Last seen here)
Boot Cut Jeans:F21(Last seen here)
Necklace:Old from Japan
Shoes:Charles&Keith(Last seen here)
Bracelet:Mango Touch


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