Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Recipe 15:Mihun Soto&Begedil

Well,it's been a long time ago since I put any recipe here.
I still cook from time to time,but I don't put much effort in cooking as much as I did before.
Being a single person,I don't care much about what I consume everyday,because most of the time,it's easier to just dine outside or prepare simple meal like sandwiches.

However last week,I decided to make Mihun/beehon soto with begedil(Vermicelli Noodle eaten with chicken soup malaysian style with potato croquette) because I wanted to finish all the ingredients  in the kitchen ;-)

Turned out my first homemade Mihun soto was quite good ;-)Haha.
Though I have to divide into few sections as making mihun soto is not that easy.That's the downside of it.

A bit of Sea Salt as well(optional)
Onion/soup leaves
Minced meat

How to
1.Peel off potato's skin and boil until soft
2.When it's cooked,mash the potato in a bowl,add salt,seasalt,chopped onion/soup leaves,minced meat and mix well
3.Mould the mashed potato in a round shape,size depends on you,should be no prob.
4.Before frying,deep it in the beaten egg and then fry!

Chicken Soup(Malaysian style)

Chicken breast(Cut into a medium-sized cubes)
Onion/soup leaves
Bean Sprouts
Red onion*
Red and green chilli*
Sup Bunjut X 2**(I guess not widely sold in other countries :P)
Salt and seasalt

How to
1.Blend all the Ingredients with *(You can put chillis or opt not to)
2.In a pot,heat the oil and  saute sup bunjut**(including cinnamon sticks and some other spices)
3.When a good smell raises,add the blended ingredients followed by water and adjust your soup volume.
4.Put the chicken inside,mix well,cook for around 20 minutes.
5.Once cooked,take out the chicken cubes,and set aside.
6.Put the chopped onion/soup leaves and bean sprouts.
7.Season with salt and/or seasalt
6.Tore the chicken cubes into small pieces as shown in the picture
7.And lastly put back the chicken pieces in the soup

Sambal kicap(Hot/Spicy Soy paste)

Soy sauce
A lot of chillis :P(or a little)
A bit of Sugar

How to
1.Blend all ingredients
2.Ready!(Can be keep in the fridge for a long time too)

In the meantime,boil mihun/beehoon/Vermicelli Noodles until soft and when everything is ready,what else are you waiting for?Eat up ;-)

Happy cooking!

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