Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Today is my 1st month in Germany.So far,I am loving my new life here with the person I am in love more and more each day :P

Next week also I will finish my current German Course and will proceed with the next level.
So far,I can speak simple conversation and I am able to speak it when buying something at shops of cafes.

I also make some friends here,and the best thing is,they are from various countries all over the globe.

Although it gets colder and colder each day,but to be honest,I pretty much like the current weather though :P

Last Saturday we went to Wilhelma,a zoo here in Stuttgart,a little excursion from our daily routines.

We're going to have a housewarming party this Friday and on the weekend we might be off to Frankfurt.

Till then.

Skirt:Bought at one booth in KB Mall
Bag:Mango Touch


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