Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stuttgart Port

My key to winter trend is color.Lots and lots of colors.People normally stick to earth colors during winter,but not for me.I prefer colors.

Since I'm here,some have commented how nice I do my trend with my shawl,which is a big compliment for a normal me :P

So,where do I get my Winter essentials these days?Of course,the cheap Primark.I'm such a cheapskate :P

And Hoodie is my staple for Winter,have been a fan since pre teen till today.

Wish you guys nice days ahead!

Bag:Souvenir Shop

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  1. Hey Hidaya, I hope you and your husband are doing well, I am enjoying reading up your posts about Germany, its such a beautiful country from the looks of it...By the way I am loving the pink skirt! I may need to get one for this aussie summer..:)


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