Sunday, 17 November 2013


Can Weekend stay for like in forever?:P
On Tuesday my new class will start and I plan to take a German exam after completing my A level(Not the English A level).

Nowadays,I speak more German with my husband and I aim to learn at least 5 new words each day.And I also learn to drive my husband's car.For many factors,I don't want to drive his car,the main reason is because it's a manual car,and I have long forgotten my skills to drive one.

Most of the people here prefer manual cars than automatic,and for me,I'm gonna live here for a long time,and I need to be able to drive his car.Today we completed 20km++ of driving here although I was nervous because the people here drive with manners :P

Sometimes I miss Malaysian road where I can drive a bit recklessly :P

Last Saturday we went to Frankurt,that is 2 hours drive from Stuttgart for a little excursion.
Frankfurt is famous for its tallest buildings in Germany and many business sectors take place in this city.

Frankfurt is more of an urbanized city than an typical old German city.

Till then,
I need to prepare dinner for us now :P


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