Saturday, 9 November 2013

Berlin Part 3

Last day in Berlin,we visited 2 more museums and later to Charlottenburg Castle before we headed back to Stuttgart and had to spend 8 hours on the road due to massive jam!

The first Museum we went was DDR Museum where it exhibits many pictures,many stuff that were used in the East side from 1961 till 1989,the comparison of the quality of life of the residents of East and West and the important occasions happened in between those years.

It was a very interesting museum telling how the East was like during that time.Then we went to visit the "Topography of Terrors" Museum where it exhibits many documents and pictures of what happened in Germany during 3rd Reich/Nazi Reign till after post WW2.It's also a very interesting museum,but towards the end of the historical topography,I cannot continue reading the information anymore as the pictures were too brutal and cruel,thus the name of the museum.

Another museum that we visited a day earlier was Mauer Museum/Berlin Wall Museum where it displays the information of the Berlin Wall,why it was built with many pictures of where the Wall was at,what happened between the East and West where the Wall stood,successful and unsuccesful stories of people who tried to flee from East to West till the end of the Wall in late 1989.

Well,till then guys,see ya!

In a Trabi car that was used during GDR,it's a very small compact car that can only go fast up to 100 km/h,but it's cute

Charlottenburg Castle

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