Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Potsdam & Berlin

When I was in high school,my favourite subject was History.Yes,rather than being a typical science student,I spent more time reading history books of my parents.

One thing that I still remember from the book is about the political movement in European countries and Germany is on the top list of many political discussions.I still remember about the new world history of post-war involving of  the separation of west and east world.

Ever since,I always wanted to visit the cities that has a lot of historical values in it.

So last week we went to Berlin,the capital city of Germany.This was my first time ever in North Germany and Berlin,and I want to experience the city to its fullest,learning about history in it.

Luck was not on our side,though,it rained since morning till afternoon the days we were there and the temperature also didn't cooperate well,it was cold enough to travel in the city,but I didn't want to leave the city without visiting its famous landmarks and historical sites.

Ah,words won't do much help,in fact when talking about Berlin,there are just so many things to describe about it.

What I know is,I will come back to explore this city again and again because it's very much different than any other European cities I've ever been to.

One said,"You won't leave Berlin untouched",and yes,indeed it really touched my heart.

So,now let the pictures describe about my 3-day trip there.

Till then.

Schloss Sansoucci,otw to Berlin

My other half :P


Victory Column,Berlin,my husband made me climb 285 stairs to the top :P

Beside the remaining Berliner Mauer/Berlin Wall from the former East side

East Side Gallery,where artists express their arts on the remaining wall on the former East side,thus the name

Skirt:Bought at a booth in KB Mall

One of the many sad stories as the consequence of the West and East world separation

Berlin Fernsehturm/Berlin TV Tower

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