Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Paris Last Day

Assalam guys,
It's our final day in Paris.Fuh,I just have little time to update,but guess what,one of my new resolutions for this year is I wanna write more posts in this blog.I don't mind if there are less readers these days,but I find it a good way to record of our activities,and at the same time,to look back of what we have done in the previous.

Ok,so on the last day in Paris,the luck was on our side as the sun decided to come out,and we planned to visit more places this day by foot.

We started by going to the Grand Mosque.It was a big and quite old mosque,taking after the Moroccan architecture and we were greeted so nicely by the people there.

 From inside the Grand Mosque

Later,we went to Center George Pompidou,a famous building with its own Architecture.This building is mainly famous if its 'rare' architecture,which the visitors can basically see that the building has no 'real' wall.Just imagine a body system without skin,so you can see what lies inside it.

 Travel is our passion,but travelling with a baby is a total new experience.Maybe I shall write some tips on travelling with babies?
 Center George Pompidou

Next we went to Printemps,the shopping mall next to Gallerie Lafayette to top off the nice scenery of Paris.As recommended by many visitors,from up there,you can see the whole city with Eiffel Tower,and from the other side,you can see the Sacre Coeur.It was majestic!

 Overlooking Paris from on top of Printemps

 The upside down Christmas Tree in Gallerie Lafayette

And then we went to Gallerie Lafayette,only to see the upside down christmas tree in the mall itself.
Wanted to check on some collections of Longchamps,but the queue and the heat didn't permit me to do so.

We went Pont Alexandre III and from there to the Hotel des Invalides,where the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte lies at.

 At the back is the Pont Alexandre III/Bridge famous of its decorations

 Hotel des Invalides

We ended our day by walking towards the Eiffel again for the last time and by the time we arrived there,it was the sun setting down.Ah,so lovely.

I am always in love with Paris.Will never get tired of this city.
InsyaAllah,I hope to come back here again someday.

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  1. yup babe Paris is always my dream city although ive been there for ONCE now dying to make another visit, dh la byk tempat yg missing tak sempat kan..aah btol only ppl who has been there will know how much weve walked! lol hahahah penat giler u with the baby must b double tiring (but of coz fun sgt!) =D


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