Monday, 19 January 2015

Tips on travelling with babies by car

Salam guys,
Other than travelling by plane,we also spend a lot of time travelling by car.Starting with our cuti-cuti Malaysia few months back to the road trip in several places in Europe.So our travel on road normally takes up to 6, 7 hours.

So I'd like to reckon some tips on how to travel with babies by car.

1.Car Seat
In Germany,for parents travelling with babies in car ,they must put the babies in the car seat at any condition.Meaning,there is no time that the baby can sit with one of the parents.I found this as a good regulation,mainly for the safety reason of the babies.

And that's how we did it in Malaysia.Alayna was trained since the first day she went home from the hospital to be seated in the carseat,although there are times when she was being 'baby' and started 'begging' to be seated on our laps.

So,yeah,although carseat is not a cheap stuff,but investing some money on it is none other than for your own kid's safety.

2.Prepare hot water and cold water for the milk preparation
Bring at least 5 to 6 diapers for 5-6 hours of driving period.
Prepare the soft toys and the music toys
Prepare extra clothes
Prepare baby powder,lotion and minyak telon for the baby's comfort
Prepare milk in each compartments in the on-go storage
and so on...
(This all prepared in a baby travel bag)

 3.We make sure that we will stop at RnR for few times in order to change Alayna's diapers because baby won't feel comfortable when the diapers are full.Either they will start being cranky in the car or crying non-stop.

On one hand,we don't have problem in most places we've been in Europe because baby room is always available everywhere.

4.For travelling around in the destination,we also make sure that we bring both stroller and babycarrier.So,load your car with these two items.
And in Malaysia many people opt for light and small-framed stroller as it's easier to be loaded in the car.

On the opposite,people in Germany prefer the bulky stroller as stroller is considered as a main transport for the babies.Many people here will bring their babies in the city,in the forest,in the park or even pushing the baby stroller while doing some sport or marathon.So,yeah,you can imagine how people here load everything in the babies' strollers.

Our quite bulky stroller,which ended up we used baby sling all the time in Paris because there is not bulky stroller friendly.

We also prefer bulky stroller as in our spare time,we'd like to push Alayna around in the city or even in the park and forest.

5.We only start preparing bottle on demand.Meaning when Alayna started crying for milk,then I will prepare the bottle immeditely in the car,not beforehand.This to ensure that the milk is still warm especially in winter season here,when the milk quickly gets colder,and I will try to feed her with one go so that there's no cold milk left.

 Now that our baby girl has reached 5 and half months old,we started to train her to sit on herself at the back without me accompanying her.Meaning I have started moving to seat at the front.Before, I always sat next to her and we tried to train her to be more independent by leaving her alone at the back seat.

Guess that's all from me.Next I will write some tips on how to travel with babies in the city or in any places we travel.Till next time :)

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