Friday, 9 January 2015

Tips on Travelling with babies

Salam guys,
How are you guys doing?Now everything is back to normal.Husband is back in the office,leaving the two of us at home and sometimes,I forgot how to handle my baby alone :P

I guess,in this post I'll write a lil bit about how we handle a baby when we went travelling.

Alayna started her first travel by flying back to Malaysia at 7 weeks old.She was the youngest in the flight,but to be honest,we didn't experience it quite nicely.It was our first time ever travelling far with an infant and for that matter,we had done some study on how to handle a baby during our travel in the future :P

Ok,some tips we did in the flight to keep baby entertained because babies,like adults also easily get bored especially when they're on long flight.

 On the way to Germany from KLIA

1.For breastfeeding mommies,you can choose whether you want to nurse your baby directly or pump the milk into the bottle and feed the babies out of the bottle.

I chose the later.Because,apparently I was a lil bit hesitant to direct breastfeed.So,what I did was,I pumped the milk for at least 3 sessions in 12-13 hour-flight.So make sure you have at least 3 bottles with you in the cabin and bring your pumping machine with you on board.

2.Make sure the baby's ears are fully covered during take off or landing.For that matter,it depends on the babies,if the baby is asleep,try to cover his/her ears with fingers but if he/she is awake,make sure that they drink from the bottle of breastfed by the mother.This is to make sure that the air pressure in their ears are balanced because babies apparently are too small to balance themselves.

3.As for us,we also prepare the milk powder in the special storage so that we can easily pour the powder into the bottle without having to scoop out from the packaging.We got the special milk storage at Mydin for RM10.It's very beneficial.

 The on-go milk storage with 3 small compartments to ease parents to store the powdered milk for their journey

Also don't forget to bring a thermos and a bottle to store hot and normal water which we can ask from the flight attendant.

P/S:Milk(EBM or powdered are permitted to go through the immigration scanning,so no worries :) )

4.Bring some toys and music toys for your babies.These to ensure your baby is entertained at any time during the flight.

5.Bring enough diapers for your baby.We bring at least 10 pieces along.And don't forget to prepare at least a piece of cloth and a pair of pants in case if your baby dirts himself/herself.

6.Also bring a changing mat because normally in the flight it is not provided.The airlines might provide only the changing board.

7.Bring the baby cream,baby powder and some oil for the comfort of the baby.

 These 3 items that we always bring around for our baby's comfort

8.The parents should also prepare themselves on how to comfort their baby when the baby is being cranky and times when the baby wants extra attention from their parents.Well,every baby is unique,and only their parents know best on how to give them their comfort on board.

 I guess that's all from me.Next time I will write some tips on travelling by car and when one's travelling in their destination. 

So,good luck guys!

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