Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Salam guys,
Sorry for little update these days.Thing is I am a bit busy decorating our little crib.Being a housewife is sometimes not easy.There are times when you feel bored to death,not knowing what to do(only in my past before Alayna was born) or you just have 1001 ideas in your mind but you don't know how or what you shall start.

Right now I am in the process of decorating Alayna's room as we planned to move her into her own room soon.She'll be half a year soon and she shall be educated to be separated from the parents at night :)

Once ready,I will share some pictures here :)

Last Sunday we went climbing up a small hill only 10 minutes drive from our house.It was a nice walking up the hill although the road going up and down was slippery and icy due to the snow melting down.

From up the hill we can top off the scenery of Stuttgart covered in snow.

Looking forward to nice weekend like this again

Till then people.

She decided to not ride the stroller that day,so I had to carry her around half the way to the top of the hill -___-

This hill was actually formed from many pieces of materials from the houses and buildings destroyed in 2nd world war,and later this place become the commemoration site to remember the loss in the war

Stuttgart from on top of Birkenkopf

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  1. Salam kenal...

    sukanya akak tengok snow2 ni.. baby tu tak sejuk ke...


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