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Recipe : Homemade Cooking

Hello guys,

We're back in the new segment by me,my homemade cooking :P
I think this is also a good idea for me to keep track of my cookings and to keep my recipes here because I,as a normal human being tends to forget things sometimes even if the recipe is easy peasy,especially when I rarely cook those dishes.

One pot pasta wonder
This is an easy peasy recipe :P.There is no specific ingredients on what you can dump inside the pot,as long as they make a good combination with one another,it would be a good meal.This recipe is inspired by a pasta meal in ikea here that I like so much,normally I ate with steamed salmon at Ikea,but at home,I make a salmon teriyaki,it went well with this pasta anyway.

My one pot pasta recipe

I dumped shell-typed pasta,cauliflower,carrot,peas,paprika powder,a lil bit of turmeric to give yellowish color,cooking cream,water,salt and pepper.Bring the ingredients in the pot to a boil and check the softness consistency of the pasta from time to time.A mark to know whether you pasta is ready or not is when it gets creamy and the water is all soaked by the pasta and other ingredients.

One tip to how much water should be added is when it covers the surface of the ingredients.

Chicken Paprikash/Hungarian chicken stew.

It was simply yummy and such a recipe to keep


First saute the chicken breast cut into medium size until 3/4 cooked.And transfer the chicken onto a place.In the same pot,saute diced brown onion,diced tomato and paprika/capsicum until fragrant and soft.Add back the chicken and keep mixing for a few minutes.Add some water and thick tomato paste and make sure to cook on medium heat.And don't forget the main ingredient,the paprika powder as much as you like.Keep stirring and pour a dollop or two of plain yogurt or greek yogurt,lastly season with salt and pepper.

 Honey Chicken Chipotle ala Chilli's

This is a new trial recipe by me.Being a lover of Chilli's Honey Chicken Chipotle,I always wanted to try this recipe out.I didn't know where to get Chipotle sauce or powder at first,only to find the sauce sold in local supermarket here under the "USA Food Section".

My HCC was a hit,tasted 99.999% same as the original one at Chilli's.I was so happy :)

Fig Galette

 I made a very easy Fig Galette because the fig season is in!This is another recipe to keep

For the dough

1 cup of flour mixed using hand with 6 Tbs of chilled butter into crumbs.Add a pinch of salt and lastly 3-4 Tbs of cold ice water and keep kneading until the dough doesn't stick to the hand anymore,keep refrigerated for one hour before using.

For the filling

Cream cheese mixed with a few Tsp of maple syrup and fig slices.Spread the cream cheese on the dough and later cover with the fig,into the oven for around 20 minutes at 180 degrees!

Laksa Johor

I just have to admit,I think laksa johor is the best laksa in Malaysia haha.Since I tried it the first time at a friend's house lately,I am hooked.I googled the recipe,the original version is a tad bit too difficult and many of the ingredients are not easy to find here.So,I googled for the perantauan version,and I found a very easy recipe with ingredients that  can easily be found here

If you wanna try this easy version here goes 

Blend boiled dried chillis,red onion,garlic and ginger.Make a curry paste(both beef/chicken or fish are ok,I used fish curry paste) by adding a bit of water,a bit of cumin and corriander powder.First in a pot,heat some oil and saute the curry paste until fragrant and cooked.And then add the blended ingredients and cook for a while until the chilli is cooked.Later in the same blender,blend tuna in a can and some shrimps,but leave some chunky part,don't overblend.Now add the tuna and shrimp in the pot and mix well.If the gravy is too thick,add some water.Then add coconut milk,3-4 Tbs of kerisik,2 pieces of asam gelugur,season with salt and a bit pepper.Voila!

Bread and Butter Pudding

I have been baking this dish for years now,and it has become my husband's favourite as well.Well,I believe at every household toast bread is a must.But sometimes we forget to eat it and by the time we want to eat it,it already approaches its expire date.Fret not,try my BBP


In a pot melt the butter on a medium heat.Later add milk,sugar and egg and a few drops of vanilla essence.In a caserole,tear the toast into 4 pieces and arrange in the casserole.Now,pour the milk batter into the casserole until it covers the surface of the bread.Let the bread soak the milk for at least 5 minutes.Scatter the almond slices and choc chip on top,into the oven for around 30 minutes at 180 degree celcius until the bread turns golden brownish.

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