Sunday, 11 March 2012

@ Dian Pelangi's Newly Opened Boutique

Hello peeps! 
Happy sunday everyone.As the title suggests,I was at Dian's tutorial session this morning though I was wayyyy late due to some reason. It's not a good beginning this morning,I was rushing to her boutique in Bangsar,no time to choose any proper outfit,and to make things worse,I had a stomach upset while driving there.

When I arrived,I had eye sore due to air-cond in the car and  cracked lips when I forgot to bring my lipbalm. My advice is,always be prepared the night before the event,don't silent your phone to make you awake on time in the morning,and foremost,always be punctual for an event like this because it doesn't wait for you. 

 Anyway,I had a lovely time at Dian's boutique,and gosh she is so stunning in real life.Oh,did I mention she is also super tall, and so slender? 

 But what attracted me the most about this girl is her humbleness and friendliness to everyone coming to her event.We even spoke like we've been knowing for ages (Ok,I exaggerate a bit,because I was still shy to meet and talk to  her in real!) 

 Today we had a little pot of luck because every purchase(not includes scarves) was given 10% off,and so I picked 2 items to bring home with me today. 

 Oh,oh,I forget to tell,I met Wawa Tasliman,a blogger fellow and she is so pretty too.I got most of the info about this event from her,and thanks for that,Wawa ;-)

 Later that day,we had a brunch at Alexis and chit-chatted with each other. So,guys head to Dian's boutique and check out her gorgeous collections by yourself!

Wawa and Ayu,a colleague

She is a real beauty,isn't she?

I Picked one of those to bring home

Wondering how will I look like in Dian's collections

Maxi Dress:H&M/Scarf:Mango/Bracelet:H&M/Jacket:Unbranded

Please visit her boutique here:
No 17-2 Jln Telawi 2,Bangsar (Opposite to La Bodega)


  1. salam.. mind share the range of DP collection price? TQ in advance.. (^_^)

  2. aww, all you girls look gorgeous! :)

  3. Hi Hidaya,

    may i know how much is Dian Pelangi's shawl? mahal tak? hehe


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