Saturday, 3 March 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Scent!

Today is my blog's 1st year!How time flies,when I was a little bit reluctant to start a fashion blog on my own a little bit over a year ago,I was encouraged by many people and inspired by fashion bloggers themselves that I have nothing to be afraid of,and so I decided to open up this blog.

Many thanks to my sweetheart,Ramon,for always encouraging me to do what I love to do in life and without him,I would never have courage to start fashion blogging,to my best friend,Sabrina for always going through good and bad times with me,to my sisters who were also my photographers at the beginning of this blog,to my parents,and not forget to everyone of you,my lovely readers.

Though I'd rather describe myself as a shy cat,who don't really want to expose about either myself or this blog to the eye of the world,but I have taken a baby step at the beginning and turned it into a big step.

Once again, thank you for keep coming back here,reading and to those who commented on my posts,I appreciate every single effort by you,guys.


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