Saturday, 17 March 2012

@Proton Power Of 1

As weekend arrived,I planned to go to my company's big event, "Power Of 1" held at Bukit Jalil Stadium with my friend.

Bur rather than being a visitor to this event,I presented myself as a spoke person to my friend by explaining to her about Proton's project ,Research and Development .Not bad,not bad :P

My friend said my explanation was rather easily understood and attracted her interest in knowing more about our nation's automotive industry.

Eventhough I felt like someone went missing,and the reason why could be that we went there on the second last day,so not many interactive things take place today,but I hope visitors could learn something new about our automotive industry in Malaysia.

So,if you haven't headed there,hurry up because tomorrow is the last day.Besides,it's free!

Speaking of my outfit today,I wore Dian Pelangi's Balloon Top I purchased last week.There are many other colors as well,but this one has taken my attention the most.

Gonna head to Hot Air Balloon soon,perhaps ;-)


Top:Dian Pelangi/Pants:H&M/Bracelets:H&M/Bag:Fossil/Shoes:Payless

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  1. Dayah..nice outfits..cantik dan nmpak selesa top from dian pelangi:)


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