Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hot Air Balloon

Well,today hasn't ended just yet,because after a visit to my company's event this morning,in the evening we decided to go to the Hot Air Balloon festival taking place in Putrajaya.

Not so much too say,nothing much to see or to enjoy.We can hardly see any balloon in the air but we didn't give up just that easily.

According to Ramon,he was there in 2010 and said the climax of the event happened at night when they released many balloons to the air and the sky was full with hot air balloons like lanterns or lighters at night.

That just didn't happen too until we decided to leave because we were just starved  :P

Nevertheless,for the rest of the day,it was still fun.



  1. Dayah, i nak pg td tp jln jammed teruk so trus pg mkn jea..huhu..mybe esk if smpt nak pg..:))

    1. Yes,jam,tapi redah jugak.
      Pegila awal pagi esok,mungkin kurang sket jam

  2. beautiful photos =D
    especially the colorful hot air balloon =)


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