Friday, 30 March 2012

My Proclamation

I’ve been meaning to write this as a reminder to myself and to anyone that also is contemplating with the same problem as mine.
I have been thinking many times,that my life isn’t just about buying clothes,wearing them,and dying in them one day.

I have one secret,well,technically my dream that I was always afraid if I might just leave my current job now to pursue my desire.I always wanted to be a visual merchandiser,or personal stylish and shopper because of my interest in fashion.
As much as I want that,I know that I wasn’t born to be just one.I was an engineering student and my hardcore now and then always involves engineering and I do love my job very much.

That said,I have plan to expand my career future one day to a bigger and renown company like Mercedes or Borsch if I ever made my way to Europe/Germany one day(Even Ramon doesn’t really know about this I’m sure).
But,in my past time,I make fashion as my focal subject,to mainly have fun and because I love beauty,inspiration and being creative with what I pick for myself.Or,once or twice,create my own originality by making my own fashion statement ;-)

What I do realize is,I have become one of those girls that desire for everything that I believe,almost none of them are items I really  need.It’s just, I crave for something beautiful and I told myself,I must get one.

My finance is quite stable for me to do that,but I am afraid that this might become the one path of life I will live,and at the end of the road,I realize,clothes are not everything I ever wanted in my life.More than that,I need an accomplished life,with future husband and kids,and a stabile and very enhanced career future.Who wouldn’t want that?

Well,I talk a lot now,but the main point I want to highlight here is,I really want to stop massive shopping.I have been a big spender long enough.Long enough since I first went to college and until now,I cannot stop my shopping habit.

To achieve that,I want to proclaim here,that I don’t really want to do massive shopping anymore(can I do that? :P),and be wise with my finance,be more creative like saving more money and go travel around the world,or buy something more beneficial to me and others like buying gifts for more people,or donate money to people in need(Then at this point I do realize,I don’t mind to spend RM100 just on some cloth,but I do mind to spend RM50 to donate to people in need,bad ,bad me)

So,for that,in my future entries,you’ll be finding the label of clothes(mainly),and shoes,I’ll be putting the “last seen here” description with the link of the entry that you last saw me wearing the respective clothes.

How’s that sound to you?By doing this,I believe it will help me from doing massive shopping because you will have idea what is new and what’s not from my entry.If it’s totally new or the first time I wear it,I will indicate as “new”.

Why don’t we be more creative and instead of shopping new clothes everytime,we recycle what we already have,and mix match creatively(at least this point applied to me :P)

And ,I really,really want to organize more gieveaways to people out there,people who read my blog(including you silent readers :P),so I’d like to know your opinion about  this?Do you agree if I do giveaways?

Let’s see how long can I survive this mission :P
But,I do not want to hold my desire so long until I vomit or become sleepless thinking about one thing I really like but do not want to buy because that will just kill me :P

So,people,let’s be more creative !


  1. Dayah, i will support you with your mission..:))

  2. im answering ur quest ; im agree if u do giveaways!:)

    1. Thanks for your comment.I need to hear comments from others too ;-)

      Will do it one day.

  3. Yay for your mission! i couldn't agree more with your proclamation. we should be more creative in mixing our clothes. i believe we have lots of clothes piling up in our closet so we have to make the most of it, right? i'm trying to do the same, to convince my self i have lots to wear. therefore i can reduce my shopping habit. i wish you luck in your mission Hidaya! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sishi!
      I meant it so much for myself because I think I need a change right now.It has driven me quite crazy sometimes when I went shopping,and when I came home with the stuff I bought,I felt a splash of guilt inside me because I just wasted money on things I don't necessarily need.And then,again,I did it,and felt guilty again.

      Thanks so much for your support and let's do it together!


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