Sunday, 2 June 2013

Half Year

Hola friends,
How is everyone doing so far?Guess what,I have another day off tomorrow.I spoke about this matter with some friends,said they were jealous of me because they don't get extra public holiday.Hehe.

Ah,it has been a very stressing weekend for me.I am not gonna write something sad and something that can turn my mood off here,enough to say,I had a meltdown over the weekend.Though I am feeling  bit better now.

Well,guess what?I have less than 2 mnths and a half until my wedding day!!I was totally freaked out with the fact that the more I prepare for the big day,the less I see everything is ready :(
Haha,I guess it's a normal scenario for a bride-to-be rite??

Well,I guess many have been wondering about my future plans after marriage?I'm not gonna explain in details ,enough to say I will follow my fiance to Germany after we're married.So,you might see a slightly different direction if this blog one day.

Talking about the top I wore in the pictures,I bought it from Thepoplook and since it's a bit body-hugging,I lower the scarf to cover the chest area.


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  1. need to see you before you going to German dear..:)
    btw like your scarf and bag..:)


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