Sunday, 30 June 2013

Movie Day

Hi guys,
Can weekend stay like forever?I need more and more holidays :P

Anyway,going through a wedding preparation is like preparing myself for a big exam.The closer it gets,the more relaxing I have become.Well,of course the things you have to consider and think getting bigger and bigger everyday,but I just pretend that everything is ok and no need to think that much ;-)

Today,I hit the cinema again to watch my favourite actor in "White House Down".Hehe,that's the first reason why I wanted to watch this movie,and secondly,as I always mentioned,I love watching a movie with history value in it.

As my wedding getting closer,I need to train my feet in heels once again,after I have taken a safe side by not wearing any pair for a few months already.The reason why is because I always drive from one place to another and have to walk in hot weather to run errand.

However,wearing heels is not a small deal.If your feet are not used to them,afraid on my wedding day I cannot stand in them for too long.

Till then.

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