Sunday, 23 June 2013

Wedding Prep Part 1

Hi guys,
I once said that I would not be doing any of my wedding preparation review here.The reason why is because I'm too lazy to update in a proper way and I found instagram is an easier medium for me to snap pictures and post them right away with little description.

However,few weeks ago,my future SIL complained we didn't do any review on our wedding prep,and she was dying to know all since she doesn't have an instagram account :P

So,here today I decided to write some of my wedding preparation for my future FIL readings and for yours too.

1.Baju Nikah/Solemnization Dress
I opted for white,clean and simple color.And for the cutting of the dress itself,I chose peplum.It's a very simple dress because I have a principle that solemnization dress should be as simple as possible.I get it tailored at PKNS Shah Alam at very affordable price,and good service was given too :)
Only half of the size,sorry cannot reveal all,just wanna give some small idea

2.Solemnization Veil
I got it tailored at the same place as my solemnization dress.It's a long oblong veil and a bit heavy,but I love it to bits.

3.Wedding Invitation Card/Buntings/stickers

I ordered my wedding invitation cards,buntings and stickers from here.Since it's close to my house,we drove there and picked the stuff from its office too.Good service and affordable.

Currently,I am working on doing my prop DIY.It's a fun process,eventhough I have to admit that I always feel tired and what more with backpain,but I enjoy doing this all from day to day.

5.Official Photographer
For Photography,I chose photoaura crew to be our Official Photographer.Since my wedding will take place at my parents' house in Kota Bharu and whatmore our wedding will be held during wedding peak season which is during raya holidays,so I want the OP to be KB based,and I heard many good reviews and service from this OP.You can check their great wedding pictures here.The price is affordable too ;-)

Since I love doing DIY,I just made my own Guestbook.First I bought the Guestbook from Popular at less than RM40,I used several material like satin,ribbons,pearls/beads,some colorful papers,and decorate it by myself.

*Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures.All pictures were taken with my iphone :P

Till next review!


  1. awhhh, lawaaa nyaaa dress tu..bru tengok half..full mesti cantik kann..

    1. Hehe,InsyaAllah,to simple je,nak pakai beberapa jam je kan :P

  2. Thanks :-). I'm really excited

    1. Still thinking what to write for 2nd review.Hmmm


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