Saturday, 22 June 2013


Hello friends,
One week of absence,and now I'm back!
It's has been very hazy these days,and this morning was the worse.I woke up and checked the window,only to find out the haze has gotten very worse since few days ago.

Not just that,I can also smell the smoke until inside my house since last night.So,my advice is try to stay inside as long as possible,and of we need to get out of house,just remember to wear mask and drink lots of water.

Well,I have technically stop buying clothes and shoes because I have few more months in Malaysia,so I can only think of ways how to transport my stuff without costing me a lot of money,so rather than transporting a lot of stuff with more cost,I want to stop shopping for a while.

The top I'm wearing in the pictures is the best top I have ever bought,and the skirt is also my favourite one at the moment.

I have long changed my scarf style from plain bawal to shawl since 2009.But nowadays,I realized bawal is back with more choices,cheaper and more colorful.I took this bawal from my sister and today I decided to try it on again after some years.

I forgot how comfortable bawal is :P
However,I still don't understand how can this type of scarf got named "bawal"?

Till then.

Top:Bought at Glam Bazaar,last year
Skirt:Bought at Weekend Bazaar,Subang Parade
Necklace:Bought at The curve Bazaar

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