Sunday, 9 June 2013

Pink Weekend

I think this weekend is called pink day,haha,yesterday I wore pink and today also I wore pink.
I love this pink top so much,it could be worn in many ways.I wore it with Boot Cut Jeans and my batik sarong for raya.And,it was freaking cheap I bought it at Jusco After raya last year.

So,every weekend,me and my friend have something to do.This weekend,we got my wedding dress ready before final touch which is beading and lace patching.I hope after this no more problem with that one thing until after my wedding day :)

Let's think positively.

Next week,we plan to go and buy special presents for Ramon's family and best friend who'll come for our wedding.Can't wait to meet them all after last time I met them was 2 years ago.

Scarf:Bought at Jalan TAR

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