Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Alayna's Room

Salam guys,
As promised here are the view of Alayna's room.We haven't yet done with it,but for now this would do.We plan to paint the wall white and maybe lessen the accessories a bit so that the room will look spacious as we still have many of our stuff inside her room.

As for the theme,we choose 'caca merba',haha,well,I'm pretty much suck at interior deco,but love to experiment this and that.

Till then people.

I like the wall to be white,while husband likes it blue,but we already agreed to paint it white in April

And also we want to change the curtains to let more sunshine comes through the window

Alayna's wall of fame,all of random pictures of hers I stick here

Actually mama's the one who's really into owl lately,neither Alayna nor daddy :P

We also plan to remove the wallpaper because I think it's too much

Still have to sort our stuff on the shelves next to Alayna's bed cot,but well still struggling to find time for that :P

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