Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Life as it is

Hi guys,
Right now I'm sitting back and relaxing while watching my baby falls in her deep sleep.
This few days have not been so easy for the 2 of us to handle her.

First she has started to sit and crawl around the house,dragging herself in the kitchen,and she loves picking up anything fascinating that she would find laying on the floor,that means the small small dust or small things such as paper or plastic.

I have caught her few times chewing on something unknown and she threw up because of the things she put inside her mouth.I had literally heart attack everytime she started to 'throw up' like that.

And then she started to sit on herself,a good progress though she cannot sit properly yet and tend to fall on her back!

Just yesterday I found out that she started to stand up on her own and hold on to the baby cot that  if she bows a little bit,she would fall out of the bed!

And it has been 2 days already since she's becoming so cranky.Anything seems wrong and I just lost of ideas of what might go wrong until I checked in her mouth,and found two teeth are growing out :)

Hahaha,quite a headace for me actually,not that I am complaining,but she just developed so many things in short time.

 Safety is my first priority right now.

Well,what my story has got to do with the pictures below?Just some pictures of our weekend routine,walking in the nature.Not that much of a nature actually,we only walked around the artificial lake that are surrounded by many buildings in an indutrial area not far from my husband's office.

Till then people.

The frozen lake and the ducks walking on the slippery surface.It was quite funny to see these ducks walking on it actually.

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