Friday, 13 February 2015

Half a Year

Time sure does fly.Our baby girl already turned 6 months old and I still keep whining to my husband all the pain I had to go through bringing her out to the world :P

This little miracle means a lot to us.Seeing her growing up in front of us each day is the most wonderful thing I could ever ask for.

Alhamdulillah :)

Just some wrap-up of her growth month by month.Babies really grow up fast and change a lot in short time,no?

May you grow up healthily our little darling.

Mama and papa love you so much!

Few days old,was in NICU due to health problem for a week.My heart this time literally torn into pieces :(

One week old,the day we got to bring her back home and time our routines changed

About one month old,smiling in her sleep,and started to wean herself off pacifier.

Turned 2 months old in Malaysia,already gained a lot of weight compared to before

Turned 3 months old and started learning to flip her body so hard.Did it the first time at 3 and half months old

Turned 4 months old and a week after she turned 4 months old,I retired from breastfeeding due to lack of supply :(

Turned 5 months old and started to move back and forth around the house at 5 and half months old.We have started to be extra careful on her and I have started getting "headache" every now and then :P

 At 6 months old,she started to lift her butt up and sit on herself.We hope she can start crawling around soon and give mama and papa more headache,will ya? :P

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