Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Winter Wonderland

I really love winter this year.If it is a cold and gloomy kind of winter,it's not really my cup of tea,but white winter would do good :)

Last weekend,we went for a long walk to the center from our house through the forest.It took us around 1 hour and half instead of only 20 minutes by car.We stopped for a breakfast on our way to the city center and came home by train.Crazy :P

After coming back home,my right knee hurt so badly probably resulting from stepping down the many stairs at one point which probably equals to 10 levels of a building haha.

But it was total fun.Looking forward to walking long and crazy like this again some day.

Till then.

 We decided to babywear Alayna that day as the roads in the forest are too narrow for a stroller

 The journey began

 Winter Wonderland

 Was a tad bit too late to capture the picture of the DHL van,it sure gave a bit of color to the picture :P

 Winter berries covered in snow

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