Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kitchen make-over

Salam guys,
Kitchen is a very important part of the house for me.There is the place where I devote my passion for cooking and baking.

Since I moved into this house,I have started cooking most of the time because of few reasons.Home-cooked is not just healthy,but taste undeniably great too.

But our kitchen now is relatively small for a family house.I have been thinking of how to make the kitchen looks spacious by saving the the kitchen counter from putting many stuff on it.

Our kitchen cabinets are mostly packed with the kitchen ware and of course food,that somehow we have no more space and tend to put the ingredients on the kitchen counter or beside the window.

Lately,we've worked on making the kitchen look spacious by using the wall.We started to hang many of the pots and pans on the wall,made a shelve so that we can place bottles and jars.

Now our kitchen looks a lot spacious than before.

On one hand,a small kitchen is not bad at all.Because I don't have to spend a lot of time to clean and scrub it.

For now,this kitchen is my favourite part of the home.
Thanks for serving our family so far kitchen.

The shelve we made to put more stuff rather than putting on the kitchen counter

Plan to change the curtain and put more real plants here one day

Using a wall space is not bad at all

Another part of the kitchen where we use the best of the wall.My actifry really takes a lot of space!

Another shelve for the spices and herbs

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