Friday, 27 March 2015


Hello guys,
March is coming to its end,and I haven't written up so many stories so far.
It has been that moment that I need to pay extra attention to my little daughter.She is a lot active these days and only few seconds of letting her to play alone could also lead her to be in danger.

Just like several days ago,we found out her new "achievement".She started to climb up the stairs to the top!

On Tuesday,however,we were in Bonn,the old capital city of Germany before Berlin.
There we had chance to visit the city center,and my husband showed me several government buildings including the residence of the chancellors and presidents before.

We also went to the National German historical museum and lastly we went to buy some souvenir at Haribo factory outlet!

We brought back a lot of jellies and they were all halal(vegetarian/vegan friendly)

Till then people.
Altes Rathaus/old city hall

The statue of Beethoven as Bonn was the birth home of this famous composer

Me in Haribo gallery

Cherry blossoms come early in Bonn,but not yet in Stuttgart

Ocean of Daffodils!

Those jellies!

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