Saturday, 7 March 2015

Spring is on its Way

Salam guys,
I overlooked that this month was indeed the month of this blog's birthday.This year my favouite blog turned 4 years old.I have started writing in here since 2011,since the time I was not yet married,and not yet a mother.

Today I hold both tittles :)

These past few days have been so lovely.The mild temperature and the sun decided to come out to play.And what makes it more meaningful is the fact that spring is not far anymore.Flowers have started blooming and here is my favourite season of the year!

Today we decided to go out to our favourite park and check whether the flowers already blooming or not.I wanted Alayna to lay on the grass,crawl around and play with the flowers,but she decided to take a nap the whole trip :P

Well,till then,people.

Me having the bad hijab day today.My baby girl loves to pull my scarf, chew and salivate it!

Both enjoying Brezel(Pretzel),an all-time german favourite bread


  1. you maintain slim... jeles ok... T_T i dah gemuk gila lepas bersalinkan my daughter.


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