Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Another Typical Family Outing

Hi guys,
Another wonderful weekend we had!
The skies were clear blue,the temperature was nice,and it felt like summer already!

We went for some walk in a university park and spent the whole evening enjoying the nice weather.
We let Alayna crawl on the grass because we wanted to see her reaction when laying on something other than floor.

Her typical reaction was,grabbed the grass with her bare hands and put it in her mouth -__-
Well,that's a process of learning and discovering new things involving around her.

On a not so good point is,mama has to do extra work cleaning her shoes and clothes :P

Till then people,have nice days ahead!

The countryside road

Our first official OOTD together of mother-daughter :P

Sayang anak mama ni

Jangan berak atas kepala mama tau!

Acah acah duduk aje ni

Spring calls for a slice of strawberry cake!

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