Thursday, 19 March 2015

Precious Smiles

Assalam guys,
How have you guys been doing?

I'm so sorry for lack of updates this month.I just recovered(although not fully) from flu and sore throat since last week.
It has been quite a hard time for me actually in dealing with this sickness.Having a small baby that is much more prone to having your illness really intimidates me.

I tried my best not to let Alayna be to close to me because treating myself to getting better is easier than treating a sick baby.

Alhamdulillah,Allah granted me with better health again and the little one is also free from any illness.

Just some photos of my little pumpkin with her biggest smiles.

I seriously melted by her smiles everytime.

Babies have the most beautiful toothless smiles,don't they?

Till then people.Can't wait for another weekend.


  1. yup skg pon dh comel sgt nnt besar ni jd rebutan ni hehe hope to meet her nk gomol pipi habes2 !!


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