Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Welcoming Spring

Welcoming spring with the new face of our living room.
We spent most of our time of the day lounging on the couch and for that matter,living room is like the most important place of the house.

I have started redecorating our living room since my early pregnancy,that time I needed a new environment in coping with my morning sickness :P

Later I have started to change here and there until we came up to decorate it like in the pictures.Well,this will depend on my mood.In the future I might change here and there again because my mood also changes with season :P

Till then.

It's tulip season these days.Our house is always cherished by them :)

The dining table.Had to remove the rug under the table due to Alayna always dirts it :P

I love to put real plants in the house,and from my observation,ppl here like to grow plants in their house and now I'm a new follower :)

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