Sunday, 10 May 2015

Istanbul part 2

There are actually a lot of places to visit in Istanbul.But somehow,traveling with a baby is not an easy thing.There are just many things to consider.Anyway,I'd say,we expored Istanbul a lot.And knowing my husband,we walked a lot too while being there.In my opinion,one can explore the beauty and hidden gems of a place the best by foot.

Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar

Grand Bazaar is another place that one must visit while being in Istanbul.It has been operated since hundred of years and if I'm not mistaken it is the biggest
covered market in the world.There are just so so many things sold here from textiles,glass lamps,lanterns to many kinds of herbs and spices.

Anyhow,our visit here was more to see the turkish culture of merchandising,as I heard that Grand Bazaar is actually not really a perfect place to buy souvenir as the sellers here tend to mark up price,whereas one can get cheaper price at any other place.

However,we bought some types of tea in Spice Bazaar as the price offered there was reasonable enough for us and in fact,I didn't buy much,because I didn't have idea what I shall do with the spices and herbs at home :P

 From inside Grand Bazaar

Suleymaniye Mosque/Sulaiman Mosque

Istanbul is full of mosques everywhere.I've never been to a city full of them actually,and Istanbul is one of a kind.Another famous mosque other than Blue Mosque is this one,located not far from Eminonu,and it is overlooking the Bosphorus River.

Alhamdulillah,I got chance to perform prayers here and after that we took a moment to enjoy a very beautiful scenery of Bosphorus from the mosque compound.

 The scenery of Bosphorus from the compound of the mosque


From Suleymaniye Mosque,we walked some more to Eminonu.People here do a lot of activities ranging from business to leasure.The spice bazaar is also not far from here.We walked along the Bosphorus river and stumbled upon few boats selling the famous grilled mackarel sandwich which is recommended by many tourists coming to Istanbul.The sandwich is grilled and sold directly from the boat not far from Galata Bridge.

 The Boat selling the sandwich

 Balik Ekmek,the grilled mackarel sandwich

Taksim Square

This is the shopping district,more like urban shopping center for young people.This was our last destination of the second day and had our dinner before returning back to the hotel.

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