Sunday, 24 May 2015


Salam guys,
So sorry for the hiatus lately.Life keeps me busy at the moment,but now I'm lounging in the couch with my husband while our daughter sleeps after a tiring day for her :P

Today we made an impromptu trip to an old german city,Heildelberg not far from Frankfurt.We just wanted to go out a bit of Stuttgart so I suggested to my husband to drive there as we haven't been to this city for almost 4 years since 2011 although we have driven passing this city many times before.

Heidelberg is famous of its castle ruins on top of the hill.From the car park near the old city center,we walked up the hill to the top of the castle and spent some time there.I wanted to enter the castle but my husband was too lazy to go buy us the entrance tickets :P

After that we walked down to the old city center and had a late lunch at a lebanese restaurant before walking on the bridge and from the bridge we can see the scenery of the castle on top of the hill.

That's the end of our day.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Altstadt/old city center

Heidelberg Castle Ruins

There is the Heidelberg Castle

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