Thursday, 14 May 2015

Travel:Istanbul Part 3

Before we leave for a little getaway over the weekend starting tomorrow,here is the 3rd part of our Istanbul trip last month.

Basilica Cistern

The largest underground cistern beneath of Istanbul,not far from Hagia Sophia.On two bases of pillars in the cistern are the visage of the popular myth,Medusa.

The Visage of one of Medusa's heads

Bosphorus Boat Tour

One must take the boat tour cruising the Bosphorus river in Istanbul.From the boat,we can see the both part of Asian and European Istanbul,and by boat we could also go to the Emirgan Park to see the endless tulips everywhere in the park as it was also the Tulip Festival for the entire month of April.We were lucky!

The hot chai/tea is a must whenever one is in Istanbul.Another good hot tea is apple tea.Please try!

On the boat enjoying the magnificent view of Istanbul,breathtaking!

The bridge that connects the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.Unique,no?A city that lies on 2 different continents

Emirgan Tulips Park by the Bosphorus

As mentioned before,we were pretty much lucky because when we were there,it was the peak season of tulip.Tulips were planted everywhere in the city and for that matter,several parks in the city were also cherished with many of them and one of them is Emirgan Park,can be accessed by boat and the entrance was for free.We spent the entire evening in the park enjoying one of our best moments in Istanbul.

Forget Keukenhof because we enjoyed the tulips here a lot better :P

One of the precious wefies because we can count just how many wefies we have with each other these days :P

The endless tulips in Emirgan Park

Topkapi Palace

It served as the residence palace for sultans during the Ottoman empire,and today it is a UNESCO world heritage that serves as a museum and another must visit place in Istanbul.It is also the home of some Islamic holy relics of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W like his sword and cloak.However,as it is one of the main attractions in Istanbul other than Hagia Sophia,one is recommended to buy ticket online to avoid long queue.

The Palace compound

The Palace entrance

From Topkapi Palace,overlooking the scenic Bosphorus River


  1. cantik sgt the tulips!!! and apple tea mmg best

  2. Cantiknya tulipsss..SubhanAllah!! 😭😭😭Keep on updating ur journey hidaya..baru berkenalan dgn blog awak..baca sampai tgh malam..pagi ni sambung lagi!😁😁

  3. SubhanAllah cantik sgt2 Tulip kat sana..

  4. my bucket list! haha byk komen kan har dah lama nk bc travelogue ni baru brkesempatan gituhhh


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